Romans 1:19-26 describes the progressive slide into moral degeneration which any culture experiences once they reject God as creator.  Once a creator is denied, people start worshiping (making the object of their adoration) the creation instead of the creator.  Romans chapter 1 states that the next step along this path is the distortion of sexuality from it obvious design to a distortion of sexuality in all possible forms.  As we look at our degenerating society, the rampant spread of pornography, sexual promiscuity, and homosexuality is everywhere apparent.  Forty million Americans between the ages of 12–60 visit porn sites on a regular basis.2 Not only is pornography widespread (with an estimated $10 billion dollars in 2013 sales) but it is celebrated and promoted as normal by the entertainment media. Yet there is a deep internal shame experienced by those addicted to pornography.  Those caught in the progressively degenerating trap of porn find themselves increasingly obsessed with the habit to the exclusion of healthy relationships and other productive activities. It is no wonder so few have time to ponder the reality of creation and God’s existence.

One of the most tragic maladies of ancient Israel was leprosy.  Like the addiction to pornography, leprosy was also a source of shame and hidden from others as long as possible.  One identified, lepers were cut off from healthy relationships banished from society.  Whether porn or leprosy, the victim struggles with shame.  Search for the Truth has just released a powerful book which draws the parallel of how God cured a mighty leader of ancient Israel from leprosy to how God can rescue a person from the grip of pornography.

What can you to do help others – especially our youth?  Consider personally purchasing a copy of Seven Washings to give to every youth in your church. They are unlikely to admit that they have a porn problem but this book may be the key to setting them free.  We are making them available at cost (for bulk purchases of 50 or more) and you can order a free copy upon request.  This is a fantastic resource which can literally change the future of an individual.  The vision of Search for the Truth is to “Awaken hearts and minds to biblical truth” and we hope this resource will free the minds and hearts of those trapped in the sewer of pornography

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