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Check out the Curriculum Here.

Watch Lesson 1 – “Science Testifies to Creation” for free Here

Bring the most visual, interactive, and relevant series on the evidence to creation to your church, fellowship, or youth group!  Filmed at locations across America with video illustrations and animations, these lessons are not a boring technical lecture.

Jesus stated that if people would cease to acknowledge Him as creator, the very rock we walk upon would cry out.  These 45 minute classes enable the non-scientist to bring the evidence for biblical creation to their home or church.  This curriculum uses short, personal narrative-style teachings to connect God’s Word with science and history, i.e “the real world”.

Perfect for small group, home school, or Sunday school groups of all ages, The Rocks Cry Out show how EVERY area of science confirms Biblical Truth in a visual masterpiece that rivals a National Geographic special.

Weekly Podcast

Each week we will have a new podcast on the evidence for creation. These 15 minute radio talks cover relevant evidences for the reality of Biblical creation from every area of science. Click here to download this week’s podcast.

Our Ministry

Providing affordable resources for sharing the reality of creation and the reliability of the Bible.  Search for the Truth is a 501 (c)(3) charitable ministry and all donors will receive a tax deduction receipt for any donations received.

Almost all of our audio teachings, video lectures, and book pages on this website can be downloaded and shared, at no charge. Our goal is to get the truth out to others, because truth is meant to be shared.

If you would prefer a “hard copy” of something, you may purchase it here.

Our Resources

  • Extensively illustrated books;
    • Short, concise, and easy to read;
    • Available for reproduction at no cost; and,
    • Widely used in church newsletters, public newspapers, and outreaches
  • Motivational pulpit and seminar talks; and,
    • DVDs  available for our most popular talks
  • Full color, stunning quarterly newsletter