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Praise for Search for the Truth

The other day I was teaching to a large crowd at Wright State University and an atheist challenged me on the evidence that design pointed to a creator. He stated as a fact that the eye was actually a very poor design. I then read the Jan. 31 page from Inspired Evidence to him.  He was speechless and I’m pretty sure he’d never heard anything like that before. I gave him a copy of your book and he gratefully accepted it.

Tom S.

Our Spanish speaking church can’t stop talking about your teaching and books. The youth loved your talks. We can’t wait for you to come back.

Christina K.

Last year my best friend “gave up” Christianity in favor of WICCA. He was strongly influenced by the worship of the Earth. Thank you so much for you writing which so clearly shows that the Earth has a creator and morality is not relative.

Kristin W.

I appreciate the work you are doing and thank God for it.  Your Rocks Cry Out series sheds an entirely new light on the formation of rock layers and gorges through them.  I hope you will continue to publish scientific evidence for the truth of creation.

Glen F.

We so enjoy your books on the evidence for creation.  In this country evolution is no longer presented as a theory but considered a fact.  It is wonderful to see the truth of creation presented so well. Thank you for this valuable service.

Dave and Chris G.

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