Fiji Trip February 2018
The entire nation of Fiji is benefiting from the distribution of creation devotionals to their schools.  Over the last two weeks we have given books and creation presentations to 17,000 students and teachers in 26 schools. We meet with the
President of Fiji and he requested that everyone in their military also recieve a book! 
We also talked with the principal of a school whose entire student body received books last year.  He said, “The test scores in English and Science have been in the 40 percentile for previous years.   At the end of 2017 the English scores jumped from 40% to 92% in English and in science the scores jumped from 40% to 98%.  The teachers and administrators were stunned and got together to try and understand what had changed.  The same teachers were teaching the same curriculum as previous years.  What they realized was that every student in the school had received Inspired Evidence early in the year.”  The principal said the entire student body had, “Fallen in love” with this book and read through it multiple times.  The English comprehension and interest in science had soared through the roof – making them one of the top schools in the nation!
Check out some pics from our trip so far!
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