Without Excuse


Without Excuse: The Compelling Evidence for Creation
This is the latest of our 365-page daily devotionals giving evidence for the trustworthiness of God’s Word from every area of science. God does not want us to simply HOPE He exists, just THINK He exists, or merely BELIEVE He exists. He wants us to KNOW that He exists and KNOW that the Bible is His timeless and changeless revelation to mankind. If you visit the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., you will notice a stained-glass window saying, “Nature is the art of God.” Nature proclaims God’s creativity and ingenuity; studying nature confirms God’s Word. The more we observe nature and take dominion, the more we find the fingerprints of God. Look within the pages of this book to get just a glimpse. The exquisitely illustrated book is a fascinating expose’ on the creativity of God.

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