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Very, very few people have ever seen a fascinating, visual presentation of the evidence supporting a Biblical creation viewpoint. The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum provides the perfect tool for you to change this for your church or small group. Our ministry has spent $30,000 filming the first six lessons of The Rocks Cry Out creation curriculum. We believe this will be the most impactful creation curriculum ever produced. The six-DVD set is now ready for release and use in churches, fellowship groups, youth groups, and home schools and the full set, including Leader’s Guide, is priced at only $39.95.

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Product Description

This curriculum works equally well as a church class for youth/adults or as a study for home schoolers and small fellowship groups.  It is also enjoyable to simply watch with family and friends.  If used as a class, a minimum of 45 minutes is needed but it is preferable to have 60 minutes to allow for discussion time.  Longer time slots work by simply allow for longer discussions.  Leaders will likely need to limit discussion time in order to finish the content each week (total video time varies from 40 – 50 minutes).

This is not just a class on the evidence for creation.  The goal of this study is to increase participants trust in the reliability and accuracy of God’s Word.  In this way they are far more likely to share their faith with others.  Keep guiding the discussion back to this central issue.  Each lesson has question breaks and suggested questions following the Opening Segment and Main Teaching.  Each DVD follows this general outline:

  • The Introduction is basically a “teaser” used to arouse people’s interest. It is best viewed by the class a week before the lesson. The Lesson 1 Introduction should be used to promote the class.
  • The Opening Segment always focuses on why this issue matters.
  • The Main Teaching deals with some aspect of science or history which confirms the reliability and accuracy of God’s Word. This section is always the longest.
  • The Closing Segment answers the issue of why so many people seem blind to, or uninterested in, Biblical truth and the evidence for creation.
  • The Skeptic Rebuttal addresses what skeptics say about the evidence supporting a Biblical creation model – and why they are wrong!
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